This documentation refers to an old version of Accudemia 6.2 and has been replaced by Accudemia 7.0:
Accudemia 7.0 - Referrals & Early Alerts

Quick Start Guide to Accudemia Referrals & Early Alert System (AREAS)

Purpose: AREAS stands for Accudemia Referrals & Early Alert System. The purpose of this system is to increase student retention by identifying at-risk students and helping them before it is too late. It can be accessed by simply clicking on the Referrals left-side menu item under the Class Attendance section.

1. Start by creating the Early Warning Form

The System Administrator can create an Early Warning Form or Referral Template that will be used by college faculty to issue these alerts/warnings. This is a web-based form that can be accessed online by Instructors or Staff.

How to Create the Template for your Center Referrals

Administration > Advanced > Referral Templates

The System Administrator can create the form with whatever qualifying questions they would like the Instructors/Staff to indicate after they receive a copy of the form when it is submitted.

Keep in mind that the above are just sample questions and you are free to design the form with whatever questions you see appropriate.

2. Now have Faculty complete the Early Warning Form

Once the form is created, it can be accessed by Instructors or Staff online to issue the early warning to the Centers so they can follow-up and help the student. The Instructor or Staff member will fill-out the form and click the “Submit” button to send it. Then these two actions are performed:

  1. An email messages the Follow-up person and copies all staff included in the setup of the Referral Template with the warning information you designed in the form.
  2. The Early Alert / Warning information will be added to the Referral Dashboard to be monitored, tracked, and followed upon by the Center staff.
If you want to get more information about how Instructors can login to Accudemia and complete referrals please visit these sections:

3. Finally manage the Referral using Center resources

The Center Staff will get this warning message and they will be able to login and enter follow-up information on each warning. The system will track the follow-ups made and then daily update the status of each Early Alert as you progress with the Student who has this Referral.

How to Manage Referrals Submitted by Faculty/Instructors

SI Class Attendance > Referrals

Interested in more information about the workflow and processes involved using the Accudemia Referrals & Early Alerts System then take a moment to watch our helpful recorded webinar video on this topic:
Accudemia Webinar Learning Series
Using the Accudemia Referrals & Early Alert System Effectively

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