Accudemia Hosting Checklist

Questions about the server:

1) Is the server Windows 2008 R2? (not Windows 2008)

2) Is there a SQL Server 2008 R2 installed and accessible from the server? (not just SQL Server 2008)

3) Are Firefox and 7zip installed?

4) Are you going to use SSL (https://) ? If so, it has to be installed on the server and include the private keys.

4.a) If you're going to use it, what's its CN? (For example, or

Questions about SQL Server:

5) Is it located on the same server or on another one?

6) What is the connection information for the SQL Server? Instance name, 'sa' and 'sa' password. Alternatively a full administrator user can be provided.

7) Is SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services installed and configured?

Questions about Accudemia:

8) What is going to be the domain where Accudemia will be hosted? For example,

9) Are you going to send your emails using: Amazon AWS SES, your own email host or we should install an email server too?

9.a) If Amazon AWS SES: We need to know the 'Access Key ID' and 'Secret Access Key' to send the emails.

9.b) If your own email host will be used: We need to know the domain or IP of the server, user name and password. Please note that encryption is not supported. Please Test your SMTP settings.

9.c) If we will install an email server: We need to make sure a firewall won't be blocking the connection. To do so, please open a Command Prompt in the Accudemia server and execute the following: telnet 587 . If it does not connect, then your firewall or an anti-virus might be blocking those connections.

10) Is the server accessible from the Internet?

Questions about iAccu:

11) Are you going to use iAccu?

12) If yes, then the port 2020 should be unblocked in the firewalls and pointing to the Accudemia server. It must be publicly accessible at least during installation (that way we can test the iAccu configurations).

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