Student Account Configuration

In this section, students can find the information about their accounts, depending on permissions and the configuration set by the administrators students might be able to add/change some of the information.

There might be some information not visible/accessible for some users, users must contact the administrator in case they need additional permissions or if the information is wrong.

  • Account: This option provides access to basic user information such as Name, Email, Security, Enrollment.
  • Preferences: Use this option to configure some preferences such as which Notifications you allow, and Site Navigations.
  • Pending Surveys: This provides access to complete Surveys which could be pending.
  • About Accudemia: This provides information about Accudemia, such as your active Centers, Students, Technical Contacts, and IAccu licenses.
  • Logout: Use this option to log out of Accudemia.
If your Accudemia uses “Single-Sign-On for authentication”, after logging out your Accudemia might redirect to a specific URL determined by your admins


Please access this feature by clicking your name in the top right corner, then click the option: “Accounts”.

General Tab

  • First Name: This is the Student's First name.
  • Middle Name: This is the Student's Middle name.
  • Last Name: This is the Student's Last name.
  • Birthdate: This is the Student's Birthdate.
  • Gender: This is the Student Gender.
  • Admin Notes: This field stores notes about the User.
  • Connect Link: This field stores the user's online link to be used for online Appointment Sessions.
  • Emails: This is the Student's email. (This information is key to receiving communications from Accudemia, please make sure this is correct)
  • Phone Numbers: This is the Phone number for the user. (This information could be key to receiving communications from Accudemia, please make sure this is correct)
  • Addresses: This is the Home Address of the user.
  • User Photo: This is a picture of the Student.

Security Tab

Some of these fields are read-only and can only be changed by an administrator
  • User ID: This is the Student ID.
  • Secondary ID: This is an optional second ID that can be assigned to the user.
  • Password: This is the password field. (Depending on the configuration you might be required to use a complex password)

Profile Tab

Depending on the configuration this section could be hidden for some users

This shows Profile questions(if any) configured by the System Administrators. Please respond to the questions and click Save Changes.

Enrollment Tab

  • Term: Select the Term/Semester from the List(it's usually the current term).
  • Subject Areas: Click the + Button to Add Subject Areas/Courses, and use the X Button to delete a Subject Area.

Click Save Changes.

This information might be automatically updated by the administrator regularly, so please contact your administrator if you think something is missing/wrong!!


Please go to your Account Preferences by clicking your name in the top right corner and selecting “Preferences”.

  • Notifications: Use this option to opt-in/out of email and/or text message notifications when various actions happen such as:
    1. When someone sends you a message.
    2. When someone cancels an appointment.
    3. When someone restores an appointment.
    4. When someone confirms an appointment.
    5. When someone reschedules an appointment.
    6. When a technical contact is removed.
    7. As an appointment reminder.
  • Site Navigation: Please use this option to opt in/out from Accudemia remembering selections you have made in the past.
  1. Remember the last center selected.
  2. Remember the last services selected in the appointments screen.
  3. Remember comments when making an appointment.
  4. Remember filters in the session log screen.
  5. Remember duration in manual sign-in/out screens.
  6. Remember comments in manual sign-in/out screens.
  7. Remember subject area selection in manual sign-in/out screens.
  8. Remember services selection in manual sign-in/out screens.
  9. Auto-select me as tutor(applies only to tutor).
  10. Auto-select me as an instructor(applies only to instructors).
  11. Remember report filter: Period.
  12. Remember report filter: Location.
  13. Remember report filter: Locations and Services.
  14. Remember report filter: Subject Areas.
  15. Remember report filter: Students.
  16. Remember report filter: Tutors.
  17. Remember report filter: Groups.
  18. Remember report filter: Show user ID.
  19. Remember report filter: Show Canceled Appointments.
  20. Remember report filter: Show Voided Appointments.
  21. Remember report filter: Show Rescheduled Appointments Only.
  22. Remember report filter: Show Pie Charts.

Completing Pending Surveys as a Student

Depending on the configuration for the Survey some of them are triggered at a Kiosk and others when you log in to Accudemia. If you are at a Kiosk you could see that after Sign-In / Sign-Out a set of questions shows, please take your time and answer them taking into account that some questions might be optical and some are mandatory. When you log in to Accudemia you as a Student, can check the “Pending Surveys” section on the homepage middle section to view and respond to any pending surveys awaiting their completion through this screen.

In this section, you can then double-click on a survey to complete it:

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