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Where to Login

This is the website that your school/institution uses to login to Accudemia and typically is formatted like the following: http://<myschool>, however, the link could look different depending on the admin's configuration, in fact, sometimes the link will only be accessible after you log in to the school website/portal, talk to your administrators if in doubt.

As noted above the <myschool> part of the website above and User ID/Password will typically be provided by your school's Accudemia System Administrator. Click here to learn how to contact your System Admin.

Your Login Credentials (if you were given access by your administrator)

In order to log-in to Accudemia you'll need the following information:

  1. User ID - This is typically your existing “Student ID” or “Employee ID”.
  2. Password - This is what you'll need to sign in, log in, and manage your school's Accudemia account and will be provided by your System Admin.
Notice that depending on the configuration in Accudemia (instead of this authentication page) you might see one of your school regular login pages, this is normal and what it means is that you are authenticating in your school system prior to entering Accudemia, just use your login and password that you usually use to login in your school portal or website

What if you do not have the password OR you have forgotten your password?

If you forgot your password, you can click the link “forgot your password”, it will take you to a new form:

  1. User ID: -Enter your ID for Accudemia.
  2. Email: - Enter your email.
  3. Code - Enter the “Captcha Code” shown here (this is necessary as a verification that you are not a computer).
  4. Request Password - Click on this button so Accudemia can authenticate this information, you should receive a link in your email to recover the password.
  5. Go Back - Click on this button to go back to the previous page.
In case Accudemia finds a problem with the information provided you will see an error message, contact your Accudemia administrator for assistance

Your Login Credentials if you need to register yourself to Accudemia

If you were advised to go to a Sign-in Station and register yourself to the system, then in the sign-in station locate the new user button and icon(like this highlighted below):

Click on this icon, it should take you to a new user page so you can register, the page looks similar to this one(there might be some differences such as profile questions):

Make sure to complete all the information and hit Save, if the system recognizes all the information as valid, then you should be able to use the Sign-in stations and/or login to Accudemia immediately (using the same information you have provided).

If you encounter any error you would need to contact your administrator or a tutor for assistance.

There might be some profile information that is mandatory and other which is optional, for the ID field typically you would be asked to use some unique value such as your email, school ID, or phone number, please make sure to ask before completing this field

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