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Create New Appointments

Purpose: To Schedule student(s)-tutor appointments.

How to Access: Appointments > Create New Appointment

To create a new appointment, a student must follow a wizard configured by the School/Center Administrators for that specific service requested; for different services, there might be different selections wizards, there could even be no selection at all, and a user could be logged in directly after sign-in.

Taking into account that the “Selection Path” for each Service is configured/controlled by the center admins, then please use this guide only as an example, there could be more or fewer selection steps in your case; also it is possible that admins do not allow students create appointmentsnts, contact them for more information
  1. Select Attendee: In this field, usually, you can see your name as a default value; if you have more than one role, then you might be able to create appointments for others, and you can search their names here (as a Students you can only make appointments for yourself).
  2. Select Center or Find Service: In this field, you can either search for a center/service, or you can scroll down and manually look for it. (By clicking “Find Service,” a pop-up menu of all the services appears)
  3. Select Subject Area: In this field, you select a Subject Area related to this appointment.
Depending on the configuration set by the administrators the list of Subject Area could only show those related to the student enrollment and those Subject Areas that are public for all students
  1. Select Instructor/Professor: In this field, you select the professor you want to assign to the appointment. (You can select None/Skip if that option is available)
  2. Available Slots: In this field, you select a tutor either by looking for them in the scroll down menu “Specific Tutor” or scroll down and visually search for them. You can select the Days of the Week, Duration, and the Date and Time you want to schedule the appointment for.
  3. Confirm: In the final step to creating an appointment, there is an option to Setup Recurrence, add Notes, Review Details, and Confirm everything is correct.

Scheduling Multiple Appointments

In the previous chapter, we explained how to create a single appointment; however, you also have the opportunity to create a recurrent appointment(a recurrent appointment is one that takes place on specific intervals such as “Every Monday at 10:00 AM for the next 4 Mondays”), so in the last step(see the previous screenshot for reference) before clicking “Confirm” you can click on “setup recurrence”:

Now select the recurrence; your options are: Weekly, every day, or Custom, for this example, we selected “Weekly on Thursday for the next 3 Thursdays” see it highlighted in blue, but there are many combinations/possibilities here.

Attaching files to an appointment

In the last step, before clicking “Confirm,” you can also attach a file to the appointment; this is very useful if you need to send some documentation, assignment, or projects to the tutor. The tutor also needs to send some files back. Just click the “attach” button:

Now just search for a file on your device and click “Confirm” (in this screenshot, you can see in pink the file's name being uploaded).

What should I do if I cannot schedule an appointment?

There might be some cases where you can not schedule the appointment; let's review a few scenarios and what to do when this happens:

  1. The system says that you have too many no-shows, similarly to this sample:

    This exception refers to a rule that can be configured at the administration level where if you have more than X no-shows in Y days, it will not let you create new appointments.

    In order to clear this exception, you will need to wait for a few days to pass so you are back in compliance, or you can talk to your tutors/admin so they can void one of the no-shows, and the system allows you to create appointments again.
  2. The system says that you can not reschedule more than X times:

    This exception refers to a rule that can be configured at the administrative level where you can only reschedule X times for each appointment; if you surpass that amount, you will be prevented from rescheduling again; talk to your administrators as needed.
Appointments by Tutor, Appointments by Date, Manual Appointments and the Wizard are only available for system administrators.

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