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-**Purpose**:​ This module schedules **Appointments** between a **Student** and a **Tutor**. It will explore options such as **Editing**,​ **Canceling**,​ **Voiding** and **Re-Scheduling** **Appointments** in **%%Accudemia%%**. ​ This should helps you manage your **Center'​s** availability for **Students** and help cut-down on the amount of foot traffic in your **Centers** as the **Students** can do setup **Appointments** from home when enabled. 
-**How to Access**: //**Center Attendance** > **Appointments**//​ 
-If you have not setup the Appointment Rules, Restrictions,​ and Settings please visit: 
-[[accudemia:​7:​manual:​trackingsettings#​appointments|Administration > Control Panel > Tracking Settings > Appointments]]