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-======Administrator Scheduling Options====== 
-These options are only available to **System Users** with the **Appointment Administrator** role (which includes **Center Administrators** and **College Administrators**) and allow them to bypass any restrictions that normally would not be allowed. ​ This can be helpful determining schedule settings that may need to be reconfigured too. 
-===== Manual Appointments ===== 
-**Purpose**:​ If an Administrator needs to schedule an appointment disregarding rules. 
-\\ **How to Access**: //**Center Attendance** > **Appointments** > **Manual**// ​ 
-This method is pretty straight-forward,​ you just select all the details you want (**Student**,​ **Tutor**, **Center**, **Subject Area**, **Services** and **Date/​Times**) and if you have comments that you need to enter. 
-After selecting the options and entering any notes click the **Schedule Appointment** button and wait while Accudemia validates the reservations. 
-If the entered data is valid, it will tell you that the **Appointment** has passed all the validations. To finalize this process and actually schedule the appointment you have to click the **Save changes** button. 
-If **%%Accudemia%%** finds that the selections you've made are not valid (perhaps there are some restrictions on the student or the tutor, or because the tutor is not available, etc.) you will only be warned and can proceed to make the Appointment as an Admin. But the button reads “continue anyway” instead to make the Appointment in disregarding the warning. 
-<note tip>If you prefer to correct this **Appointment** scheduling issue from happening in the future then you can choose to read the warning as to what is preventing the appointment from being made.  If the settings are incorrect (based on the warning given) and the **Appointment** should be allowed to be made then go and update the selected settings from [[accudemia:​7:​manual:​trackingsettings#​appointments|Administration > Control Panel > Tracking Settings > Appointments]] Section. ​ This can be a helpful tool when determining what is causing **Appointment** scheduling issues at your **Center** in **Accudemia**.</​note>​ 
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