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New to Accudemia?

Have questions about ordering, licenses, or qualifications? Check out the official Accudemia site at:

For the best support possible we need to know who you are:

Accudemia Version History

This is our log of enhancement and feature updates to Accudemia over the different versions. All features and enhancements that are now available to you in the current release. Version History / Change Log

Development API

Developers, please check our Developer Site on GitHub. There are helpful documents on the development of your own plug-ins, Single Sign-On (SSO) for Accudemia, Custom Login Page code, and more!

If you have developed an extension/plug-in for either Accudemia or ADX (the Accudemia import utility), we will be glad to see it!

You can contribute back to the community by sending all your plug-ins to Support Email, we will review it and post your code so others can take advantage of it in our wiki!

Self-Hosting Option

If you plan to host Accudemia by your own, please review: Self-Hosting Server Requirements

Contact our Support Team

After reviewing the documentation you can request support by submitting a ticket.