Using one or more time-clocks mounted on the wall

This feature is currently not available for AccuClub but is under development!

Have students sign in at the time clocks. Learn more by clicking here. For ordering information please contact your national account specialist at 1-888-249-7227 or at

This option is only supported on Institution accounts.

Download & Install the AccuClub Time-Clock Hub

  1. Install the Digital Download with the link provided in the time-clock materials.
  2. Once installed click on the AccuClub Time-Clock Hub icon.
  3. Login using your Institution's or Instructor's AccuClub credentials.
  4. Notice the AccuClub Time-Clock Hub is Logging In…
  5. There are no time-clocks connected yet so click “Add Time-Clocks”
  6. Add the IP Address, Create a Name, and select the Classroom you want to keep synced with AccuClub.
  7. Notice the AccuClub Time-Clock Hub is connecting to the Time-Clock…
  8. Once Connected under the time-clock you connected. Repeat steps 5 & 6 until all classrooms you want to sync are entered in the AccuClub Time-Clock Hub.
  9. Click File > Exit or just close with red X in the top right.
  10. Notice that the AccuClub Time-Clock Hub remains open in the task tray to continue to sync time-clock swipes with AccuClub.
You can click File > Logout and Exit to stop syncing the time-clocks with AccuClub. To restart syncing simply double-click the AccuClub Time-Clock Hub icon and login again.

Configuring the time-clock

This section goes over the items you need to complete to start collecting swipes with your newly purchased time clock.

Call 407-366-7700 to get help with configuring the time clock.

Collecting Attendance with a Time-clock

Simply swipe the card and your Students should be hearing one of two auditory responses:

  • “Thank you!” Response - This means that the card data was read successfully and it recognizes the Student from the AccuClub Hub software's Synced data.
  • “Card Error Occured” Response - This means that the card data was not read successfully and/or the Student was not recognized by the time-clock.
If they were not recognized by the time-clock you may need to re-sync the time-clock using the AccuClub Hub software.

Click here to choose another method for tracking attendance with AccuClub.