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Welcome to AccuClass

Below you will find steps on how to use Accuclass as a student:

Students should have been given their login information to access AccuClass by the admin or instructor. The information provided to a student for them to be able to Sign in into AccuClass should be:

  • Email - your email
  • Password - the password assigned by the admin (you will be able to change it once logged in)

Once you have all of the login information you are ready to Login to AccuClass

After you have all the login information you will be able to log into AccuClass app

To login to AccuClass using the app you must first install the app, for instruction on how to download the AccuClass app Click Here.

Once the app is downloaded you can sign in by:

  • Entering your Email
  • Entering your Password


Once logged into the AccuClass app you will be able to sign into a class by clicking Sign in

After you click Sign in, AccuClass would access your camara and you will be able to scan your class signin QR code that appears on the screen. Once signed in you will recieve a message that you have successfully signed into the class.


The same thing goes for when signing out as well


Click on an option below Sign in labeled My Attendance to view your attendance

From this menu you can view your total number of attendance per status as well as all your attendance records

You can also click on the doughnut shaped image to get a visual representation of your data

By clicking on the top left corner of the screen in the AccuClass app you will open up a menu. In this menu you will be able to do the following:

By clicking the Profile button on the menu you will be able to edit your profile. This includes editing your profile picture, your and adding a preferred name



By clicking the Logout button you will be signed out of the AccuClass app

Fill out Polls

By clicking the Polls button you will be able to see all the polls available to you and fill them out


View Announcements

By clicking the Announcements button you will be able to see all the announcements posted for you by your admin or instructor


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