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Using a QR barcode with the device’s Camera

The following steps will explain how to sign students in or out by scanning a bar code with your mobile device.

Session information shows based on the time the class is scheduled.
  1. Once AccuClass is open, tap on the “Sign-In Station” section. Then choose the classroom.
  2. Next choose “Scan” mode. (allow AccuClass to use your device camara) then place the QR code on your Student's ID in front of your camera to sign he student in.
  3. Next you will get a confirmation message showing ths tudent signed in or out. If an error message occurs this means the student ID is not in AccuClass.
  4. To sign-out students just tap the green “IN” arrow to turn it to a red “OUT” arrow and select scan again. Once you have all your students scanned in and out simply go back to the main menu and tap “Sync” icon so you can see your attendance in your AccuClass online.
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