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Using a proximity beacon via Bluetooth

Students can automatically sign in with a single tap using proximity sign in. Proximity sign in turns an Instructor's Android or Apple device into a “beacon”. Students will receive a notification from the AccuClass mobile app that will allow them to sign in with a tap. The student will not be able to sign into the class unless they are within range of the beacon device. When the Instructor turns off the beacon, they will receive the option to sign out every student that has been signed in.

The effective range of the “beacon” depends on the type of device and the Bluetooth version of the “beacon” device.

Students must download and log into the AccuClass mobile app to receive notifications. Push Notifications and Bluetooth must be enabled on students' and instructors' devices for Proximity Sign In to work.

Activating the Beacon

1. Log into the AccuClass mobile app as an Instructor

2. Tap on Roll Call - In/Out

3. Select the class that students will be signed into

4. Tap on the Proximity Sign In icon

5. The beacon will activate and students will receive this notification. Tapping the notification will sign the student into the class.

6. Tap the Proximity Sign In icon again to turn it off. Turning off Proximity Sign In will give the Instructor the option to disable the beacon or to sign out all students and then disable the beacon.

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