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Roll Call Manually

The most common method would be using the Roll Call which can be accessed under the Attendance section. You will be prompted to select the date (current date selected by default) and the class name. Once you have, just click the Roll Call button.

From the Roll Call Screen you will see a list of all your students. You can mark them individually by clicking the appropriate button by their name or click the “Mark All As…” button to set them all to present, absent, tardy, etc.

You could mark them all as present and as you call the roll mark the individuals absent or tardy if the are not there or arrive late.

From this screen you also click to view the details of a particular student's attendance. If you are using one of the swipe methods list below it will show the sign-in/sign-out swipes here.

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Click here to choose another Method for tracking attendance with AccuClass.