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Using a RFID/proximity reader

First, you will need to order RFID Key Fobs and Proximity Readers for your PC/MAC computer by contacting one of our friendly National Account Specialists at For more information about what RFID/proximity readers are click here.

Once you receive the RFID/proximity reader it is ready to go. There is no need to store student data on the key fobs as they are already programmed.

  1. You will have to connect the proximity reader to your PC/MAC computer and let the device install the necessary drivers.
    • Just plug-in the Proximity Reader with the provided USB cord and watch the device install the necessary drivers. It will beep several times during this process.
    • You can test that the device is working by opening notepad or word on your computer and then bringing the key fob close to the proximity reader. It should beep and place the ID number.
  2. Then you will have to scan each key fob to assign them to each of your students. Here is the article on how to Assign Cards.
  3. Finally, you must setup a Sign-in Station to start recording attendance with the RFID's and proximity readers. Click here to learn how.

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