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Sign In/Out by QR Code displayed on Screen

Students can sign themselves into and out of the class using QR codes displayed on the screen. Students must download and log into the AccuClass mobile app to scan the QR code. These QR codes can be refreshed in a designated time limit to minimize potential attendance cheating. A counter displayed above the QR code will also show how many students are signed in or out of the class. For large classes, it is recommended that the screen is projected onto a larger display to allow students to easily scan the QR codes.

Students must have access to the AccuClass mobile app to scan the QR codes. Students will automatically be sent an email with instructions to download and log into the app when they are created or imported in the system. Institutions can manually give students passwords through their profile or through import.

Activating the QR Code Display

1. Click on Roll Call from the Home Page

2. Select the Date and Class Session that Students will be signing into

3. Click on Swipe by QR

The QR Display

1. This will show the current Room, Class Session, Time of the Class, and how many students are currently enrolled.

2. The left QR code can be scanned to sign in students and the right QR code can be scanned to sign out students. The number above the QR code shows how many of the enrolled students are in or out. This counter is refreshed every 30 seconds.

3. Choose how much time passes before the QR codes are refreshed from this drop down menu

4. Choose whether to show both In/Out QR codes at the same time or one QR code at a time

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