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Magnetic Strip Reader/Barcode Reader

First, you will need to order Magnetic Strip Reader/Barcode Readers for your PC/MAC computer by contacting one of our friendly National Account Specialists at or call 1-888-249-7227. For more information about what Magnetic Strip Reader/Barcode Reader models there are click here.

Once you receive your Magnetic Strip Reader or Barcode reader contact our helpful Software Support Team at or call 407-366-7700. They will assist with programming your Card Reader using our specialized utilities to get them to read your specific Card ID. You will need to be at your computer with the card reader in order to program the device. Once programmed you can then just plug it into whatever computer you want to be a sign-in station.

Next is getting the Student's Card number into AccuClass. You can either Import the card numbers or manually assign each student's card when they attend the first time so you have their card number in AccuClass. Here is the article on how to Assign Cards.

The last step is to setup a Sign-in Station. Click here to learn how.

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