Create/Edit Students


Import Students

By using the import method, AccuClass will automatically have all your Studentsdata available in the system.

To import classes into AccuClass you must first create a .CSV file with all the Students data.

To view/edit a sample file to import studentsClick Here

Import Student Photos

This import is located in the Students > Students and Enrollment > Import Profile Pics section.

When using an Import, you select all the photos for the Students and upload them.

By using this method it will make all your student photos available in AccuClass.

To view/edit a sample file to import student pictures Click Here

Add Students Manually

To Manually Create New Students you must go to the Students and Enrollment section under Students of the main menu.

Once there click Create New and fill in the following info about your student:

  • Unique ID (Required) - Complete with ID unique to the student.
  • First Name (Required) - Complete with the first name of your student
  • Last Name (Required) - Complete with the last name of your student
  • Preferred Name - Complete with the preferred name of your student
  • Email - Complete with the students email.
  • Card Number (Will default to ID if none specified)
  • Password - Complete with password for student to us when using the AccuClass App.

Click the Save button to save your Students data.

Preferred Names and Voice Recording

Students can set their Preferred Names on the AccuClass Mobile app.

Their Preferred Name will appear as a field on their profile, as well as appearing next to their Full name when viewing them at any point on the AccuClass website.

Students also have the choice of recording themselves pronouncing their own names using the AccuClass mobile app. Once uploaded, Instructors will be able to listen to the recording by either going to the Student's profile on the AccuClass website or through the AccuClass mobile app.

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