Enrolling Students

Import Enrollment

In AccuClass you can manually enroll students or you can import them from CSV files of enrollments you may already be tracking elsewhere. Using this method it will automatically enroll all your students in their classes.

To learn more about importing enrollments Click Here.

Enroll Students Manually

  1. To begin Enrolling Students manually click the Students and Enrollment link under the Students heading from the Home screen of AccuClass.
  2. Click Enrollment on the student you want to enroll.
  3. Then select the class from the drop-down box.
  4. When finished Click the Add Class button.
If you accidentally enrolled a student that should not be enrolled in the class simply click the (Drop) or minus symbol to remove them from the class roster.
You can also enroll the students similarly under the Classes section. Just select the class first and then choose the students you want enrolled in it. Click here to go to that section of the Manual.

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