Create / Edit Semesters

This is an optional section to set up your Classes' Semesters. This option is used primarily to group the Classes on your Exports and Reports in AccuClass.

Create New Semester

To Create / Edit a Semester you can:

  1. Go to View/Edit Classes section from the AccuClass home screen,
  2. Click Semesters next to Departments.
  3. Either Create New or click on the semester you would want to Edit.
    • Semester Name: Complete with the name of your semester.
    • Start Date: Complete with a reference date for the conference.
    • End Date: Set up the dates that the conference is going to take place.

Click Save button to save your input information.

Holidays/Days Off

To add holidays that you will not be taking class attendance for all your classes click the View/Edit Classes > Semesters section from the AccuClass home screen.

Next click Days off link on the Semester listed that you want to add holidays.

Once there you can either click on the holidays listed in the top right box to add them automatically or click the Add New button to fill in a custom holiday.

Be sure to click the Save button to ensure the holidays are added to your semester.

Delete Semester

To delete a semester click the Delete link on the far right of the Semester you want to delete.

Be sure that you want to permanently delete the semester as you will only have one more click to confirm the deletion.

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