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This function allows you to send a notification to users so that they can receive the messages on the AccuClass mobile app. If push notifications are enabled on their devices, it will appear as one.

Creating a Notification

You can send an notification immediately or schedule notifications to be sent automatically at certain times.

Follow these steps to create a notification:

  1. Enter the Title of the notification. This is the message that will be displayed when the student first sees the notification.
  2. Enter additional text to the notification. The student will be able to read this additional text if they open the notification on their app.(This is Optional)
  3. Choose who will receive this notification. You can send notifications to:
    • Everyone
    • a specific user
    • students of a specific class
  4. Choose when to send the notification. You can send notifications:
    • Now - sends notification right away.
    • Scheduled date & time - select a day and time to send the notification on. AccuClass will automatically send out the notification at the appointed time.
  5. When finished the notification by clicking on the Send Now or Schedule button depending on when you chose to send the notification.
If you schedule an notification, make sure that it is exactly how you want it. You can not make changes to an notification once you've scheduled it.

View Notifications

To View All Notifications:
  1. Go to the View/Edit Classes section from the AccuClass home screen then click Notifications.
  2. In the Send Push Notification menu click View All Notifications

From here you can view previous notifications or go back to create a new one.

To View Notifications on AccuClass App:
  1. Once in the main menu click on to pull up the side menu.
  2. Next, click on Announcements
  3. From here you can see all the notifications you have sent.

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