Create / Edit Classes

Import Classes

By using the import method, AccuClass will automatically have all your classes available in the system.

To import classes into AccuClass you must first create a .CSV file with all the classes data.

To view/edit a sample file to import classes Click Here

Create New Classes Manually

To manually enter the Classes and their Schedule go to View/Edit Classes under the Classes Section.

To create a Class, click Create New, and then fill in the following info:

  • Semester: Fill in the name of the semester the class is occurring.
  • Unique Code: This can be anything that will uniquely ID the course. (Session MAT-101-01,CRN 0488-981,etc.)
  • Class Name: Fill in the name of the class.
  • Department(Not Required): Fill in the Department. (English, Mathematics, Science, etc.)
  • Instructors Add the Instructors who will be managing the Roll Call or Sign-ins for the class so they'll have access to it when they login to AccuClass.
  • Schedule: Select the day of the week in the drop-down box to add days that the class occurs. Adjust the times and set the classroom. (A sample will be given if none have been created.)
  • One-time Meetings: Use this section to set the schedule based on specific dates instead of recurring days of the week. You can use these in combination with the days of the week but if these date/times overlap a regularly scheduled time then the regularly scheduled class will be deleted.
  • Allow signing-in early by: Select the time you will allow students to sign in early by (in minutes).
  • Allow signing-out late by: Select the time you will allow students to sign out late by (in minutes).
  • Check sessions after saving:</b> select Manually if you are changing the schedule manually from a previously saved class if not select Automatically.

Editing Classes

To modify a Class go to View/Edit Classes under the Classes Section. Once there click the title of the Class in the list or search for it using the search bar at the top of the page to find the Class if you have too many to scroll through in this section.

More Actions

  • Manage Enrollment: This option allows you to enroll or drop students from this class.
  • View Attendance Sheet: This option allows you to view the attendance sheet, modify attendance/roll call. (For more information Click Here)
  • View Attendance Summary: This option allows you to view the attendance summary report for this class.
  • View/Edit Sessions: This option allows you to add/remove sessions from a Class that have already occurred. This may be necessary if the following occurs:
    • All the Classes were added to the term/semester prior dates of the term/semester being changed but had already taken place (i.e. you changed the start date of the term/semester).
    • There was a holiday for your school and it was not added to the holidays list prior to it occurring.
  • Customize Attendance Settings: This option allows you to create and change Attendance Statuses specifically for the class. If these settings are not changed for the class, the default Attendance Statuses will be used.
  • Manage Email Notifications: This option allows you check off which notifications you want to have for that particular class.
  • Customize Email Templates: This option allows you to personalize the email templates for messages going out to the Students of this class.
  • Delete Class: This option allows you to remove sessions a Class that may have been a test class or was uploaded through imports incorrectly.
You will be prompted with a warning because once the Class is deleted all attendance will be deleted as well.


When you select to manage this option on the Class you will see a screen to add or drop students similar to this one below:

Enrollment Options:

  • Add Students - This option allows you to simply type in the name of a Student that you would like to enroll and click the Add Student button.
  • Drop Students - This option allows you to drop individual student by either selecting the minus symbol or clicking the Drop link after the Student's name.
If you made a mistake there's a circular arrow that allows you to quickly re-add the Student to the Class's roster.
  • Add/Drop Multiple Students - This option allows you to simply paste in a list of Students the you would like to enroll or remove. To do this following these steps:
    1. Click the Paste Multiple button.
    2. Now copy and paste a list of Student's IDs into the textbox.
    3. After you have inserted all the Student IDs you can do one of the following
      • To enroll them all into the class then click the Add Students button.
      • To drop them all from the class then click the Remove Students button.
      • The Cancel button just takes you back to the previous enrollment screen.

Delete Class

Click the Delete link on the far right of the Class you want to delete.

Be sure that you want to permanently delete the Class as you will be prompted to confirm the deletion and that all attendance data collected will be removed form AccuClass for this class.

Delete Specific Sessions from a Class

  1. Now find and click on the title of the Class you want to edit in the list or if you have a lot of Classes use the search bar at the top of this page to find it.
  2. Once you have brought up the Class edit screen there will be a green box in the top right corner that list More actions you can perform for this Class. Click the View/Edit Sessions option.
  3. In this list of Session Dates if there are any Session Dates that should not be in here click the

    (Cancel Session) link for each of them.

    Note: If some sessions listed no longer match the Term/Semester (which may be the case for you) then they should have a checkbox that is already checked next to those dates that shows you should delete them. Make sure those remain checked or if not already checked click the (delete all) link at the top of the page.
  4. Finally click the Save button at the bottom of this screen to complete this process.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for each class having this issue.

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