Unresolved Swipes

This is the screen lets you see swipes or sign-ins that weren't recorded by AccuClass.

To navigate to the Unresolved Swipes page go to Unresolved Swipes under Attendance in the home page.

At this point you will see all the unresolved swipes your system has had. From here you can do one of the following:

  • Resolve
  • Auto-Resolve
  • Delete

Resolving a swipe

If there are any swipes that maybe did not complete properly you could try to assign them to a person on this page by clicking the resolve option on the unresolved swipe entry.

From here you can manually assign a student to the swipe that went unresolved.

When the card number wasn't assigned to the student yet, but they have the same ID number it will give you a Suggestion of the student with that number

Auto-Resolving a swipe

If you update/fix an issue on AccuClass that was going through unresolved swipes, for example:

  • Updating a students card number to match with the one he swiped.
  • Enrolling student to class that he previously swiped for.

Then by clicking Auto-Resolve on the right side of the page, AccuClass will automatically fix the unresolved swipe.

If you update/fix multiple issues after they appeared in the unresolved swipes, by clicking on Resolve Automatically on the top menu you can fix auto-resolve all the unresolved swipes on the page.
If the issue was not resolved then a pop-up message saying “Swipe could not be resolved automatically” will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Deleting a swipe

To delete an unresolved swipe click Delete on the right side of the menu.

This option will permanently delete any swipe

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