Station

Create a New Sign-In Station

To set up a sign-in station do the following:

  1. From the home screen click Sign-In Stations under the Attendance section.
  2. Once in the Sign-In Stations menu click the Create New button.
  3. Under the Create New Station page fill out the following:
    • Station Name: This can be whatever you want to name the Sign-In Station.
    • Instructions: This can be more detailed instructions but remember to keep it simple and short because the more information you have will make the Sign-In box appear lower on the screen.
    • Mode:
      • In this section you can choose whether you want to have a:
        • Manual Sign-In Station: In this mode users specify if they're signing-in or out manually.
        • Kiosk Sign-In Station: In this mode the first scan is considered as a sign-in, the second as a sign-out and so on.
      • You can also check the checkbox of whether you want to:
        • Show Student Names
        • Show Student Photos
        • Allow creating students
    • Admin Passcode(optional):Enter an Admin Passcode to manage this Sign-in Station.
    • List classes based on:
      • Classroom: allow sign-ins based on the class you choose.
      • Instructor: allow sign-ins based on the instructor you choose.
  4. Click the Save & Install Here or the Save without Installing button.
If you want to make this PC a Sign-in Station then click Save & Install Here otherwise if this is not the PC you want to make a Sign-in Station click Save without Installing.

The Sign-in Stations you've created should now appear in the list of Sign-in Stations.

Delete a Sign-in Station

  1. To delete a sign-in station click Delete on the end of the Sign-In Station listing.
This is permanent and you do not get a confirmation popup so if you want to just want to remove the PC from being a Sign-in Station then click the Uninstall button to uninstall the sign-in station.

Uninstall a Sign-In Station

  1. To uninstall a sign-in station click Uninstall button above the Sign-In Station listing.

Station Mode

When you return to the home screen after setting up a sign-in station and saving it as Save & Install Here there should be an area of the screen in the right hand side that says You're in a sign-in station.

By clicking Switch to station your screen will then become a Sign in Station.

Manual Sign-In Screen

Here is a sample of a Manual Sign-In Screen:

Kiosk Sign-In Screen

Computer Sign-in Station

This option allows you to turn a computer in the classroom into a sign-in station for the classroom. You can use several technologies to help enhance the sign-in process as well. We offer magnetic strip readers, barcode readers, and/or RFID readers to help record the attendance.

The AccuClass App

Use your Apple device as an attendance tracking device to sign-in/sign-out students.

You must download the AccuClass App from the Apple App Store:

AccuClass at the Apple iTunes App Store

Wall-mounted Time-clocks

This option allows you to install a wall-mounted time-clock in the classroom to track attendance.

For more information regarding time-clock specifications, pricing, and ordering info visit:

From the Sign-in Station click Login at the bottom of the page if you want to get back to the main administration screen.

Click here to learn how to use the Keyboard Entry Method with the Sign-in Station.

Click here to learn how to use the Magnetic Swipe Reader/ Barcode Reader with the Sign-in Station.

Click here to learn how to use the RFID/Proximity Reader with the Sign-in Station.

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