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Student Swipes Import

Student Swipes Headers
Field Field Type Import? Notes
ClassCode text (length: 30) Required Primary Key
Semester text (length: 255) Required  
CardNumber text (length: 30) Required  
Date date/time Required YYYYMMDD
SwipeType text (length: 10) Required IN or OUT


The ClassCode and Semester are used to uniquely identify the class where the swipes should be saved.

The CardNumber has to match an existent card number associated with a student in the system. The Date should follow the next format YYYYMMDD HHMM. This is the swipe's date and time (again in military time). For example 20131104 1730 refers to November 4th 2013 at 5:30 PM.

The SwipeType specifies if the swipe is a sign-in or a sign-out. You must set this value to in for a sign-in and out for a sign-out.


Download the example file (.csv)

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