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Instructors Import

Instructor Headers
Field Field Type Import? Notes
ID text (length: 30) Required Primary Key
FirstName text (length: 255) Required  
MiddleName text (length: 255) Optional  
LastName text (length: 255) Required  
Email text (length: 30) Optional Recommended
Password text (length: 512) Required  


The InstructorId is used to uniquely identify the user, it must be unique across all the users in the system, including students, instructors and administrators.

The FirstName and LastName are required. It's usually displayed in the format First Last. You can also optionally specify the MiddleName

The Email is optional, but highly recommended. It allows users to login without remembering their ID, to reset their password, to receive messages and notifications and a lot more things. The email has to be unique across all the users too.

The Password is optional but this is a good point to specify a default for all instructors.


Download the example file (.csv)

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