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Student Enrollment Import

Student Enrollment Headers
Field Field Type Import? Notes
StudentId text (length: 30) Required Primary Key
ClassCode text (length: 30) Required
Semester text (length: 255) Required


The StudentId has to match an existent student ID in the system. If you have manually entered the student names and haven't entered their IDs, you won't be able to import the enrollment for those students.

The ClassCode and Semester are used to uniquely identify the class where the students will be enrolled.

The enrollment is considered per class. So the students not listed in your file will be removed from the class enrollment. However, if you are importing 3 classes for a student who's already in the system, the extra classes won't be removed. In other words, if you mention a class in your file, then it will fully update the enrolled students, either by adding or removing them; but if a student is mentioned in the file, only new classes will be added to list of enrolled classes.


Download the example file (.csv)

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