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Importing Data

File Format

By now, only comma-separated-values (CSV) files are supported. This format is broadly supported by many application including Microsoft Excel; it also can be created using any simple text editor. In the first line of the file the headers must be included (check the list of valid headers below), then, the data must be included separating each column by a comma. In the case you need to write a comma in the data itself, you can prevent format errors by enclosing the full value in double quotes.

Time Zone

Please note that before you import any classes it's important that you set the correct time zone for your account.

To set the time zone, please go to Advanced Options > Settings in the main menu.

Automated / Scheduled Imports

Optionally you can also use the AccuClass Data eXchange (ADX) windows application to automate or schedule imports from AccuClass. For more information click the link below:

Import Formats

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