To Create, Edit or delete an administrator go to the Advanced Options section and click Administrators.

Create a new Administrator

Once in the Administrator menu to create a new administrator click on Create New.

After clicking Create New, fill in the following information:

  • Unique ID: The Unique ID is the one that tutors will use to sign in with
  • First Name: Complete with the first name of your Instructor.
  • Last Name: Complete with the last name of your Instructor.
  • Preferred Name: Complete with the preferred name of your Instructor.
  • Email: Complete with the email of your Instructor.
  • Password: This field is to create a password for an instructor.

When finished, click the Save button to save your input information.

Editing an Existing Administrator

To edit an existing administrator, click on the admin's name in the administrator menu.

From here you will be able to change/update any information about the existing administrator.

Deleting an Administrator

To delete an existing administrator, simply click on the delete button on the right hand side of the admin you would want to delete.

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