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Joining a Virtual Line in the App

-One of the main features in Accucampus App is for students to be able to join the Waiting Lines in a seamless easy process. Please go to the App home page and click the 3 small lines in the top left corner:

-In the Options please select Virtual Lines:

-A list of active “Waiting Lines” will show, each line will have the number of people in the line and how long they have been there, please select one by clicking in the name:

-A confirmation message will appear, please click Yes to be added to the Waiting Line or NO to go back.

-Please notice that a message will show confirming your entry, you can see your position in the queue and how long you are expected to wait, the waiting line queue you picked should have increased by 1.

-Please notice that on your App Homepage, in the notifications section you will be receiving information on your position on the queue and also on when the staff will be ready to meet you.

Please contact a center admin if you can not see and/or join any waiting line

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