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AccuCampus Documentation

Please check the following sections in the doc:

AccuCampus 2018 Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

Reference Manual

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you plan to host AccuCampus by your own, please review the Server Requirements

New to AccuCampus?

Check out the official AccuCampus site at

If you need help with the development of your plugins, or you're looking for product support, sales, or any other thing you think we can help you, just find us here.

Developers, please check our Developer Site on Google Code

Are you an IT expert?

If you have developed an extension for either AccuCampus or ADX, we will be glad to see it! You can contribute back to the community by sending all plugins you've developed to us, we will review it and post your code so others can take advantage of it!

AccuCampus Video Learning Series

Call Roll for your Course in AccuCampus

This video explains how to login to AccuCampus as an instructor and then use the Roll Call option to take classroom attendance. Also how to view attendance summary or individual student attendance.

AccuCampus - Instructor Sign-in Station Setup

This video explains how an instructor can create a sign-in station in AccuCampus to collect class sign-ins. It also demonstrates how then students can sign-in for the class.

AccuCampus App Documentation

Coming Soon! Check back for more information about downloading the app from the Apple Store.