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Knowledge Base

Accounts (14)

Questions related to accounts management, such as global customer settings.

Appointments (14)

Posts related to appointment scheduling and management.

Browsers (4)

Browser specific issues and questions.

Center Attendance (7)

General questions related to center attendance and tracking options.

Class Attendance (6)

General questions related to class attendance and tracking options.

Data Export (5)

Exporting data from Accudemia and related questions.

Data Import (23)

Questions related to importing data into Accudemia and integration with other systems.

Early Warning System (AREAS) (1)

Questions related to the early warning and referrals system, which is a part of Accudemia.

General Settings (3)

Questions related to general options for customizing Accudemia.

Intake System (1)

Waiting lines and intake system related questions.

Messaging (2)

Questions related to the communication methods available.

Multi-Device Session Tracking (1)

Questions related to the MDST mode available in iAccu and Accudemia.

Reports ()

Reporting and data analysis capabilities posts.

Schedules (6)

Questions regarding tutor schedules, center off-times and availability options.

Security/Reliability (8)

Questions regarding the security of the systems and the options exposed by Accudemia.

Surveys ()

Student and tutor surveys related questions.

Tracking Settings (2)

Questions related to the tracking options available for customizing Accudemia.

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