What is the new MDST mode?

The Multi-Device Session Tracking mode is designed for groups of people with the same pre-fixed course and service in a period of time.
In order to use MDST mode you need to define a new session. This new session will require you to enter date and time, duration, sign-in window and sign-out window. Then you sync your devices and access this mode in every device you want to track attendance for that session. Then a student can sign-in in a device and he/she won’t be required to enter course or service, because that information has already been entered for the session. A student who swipes his/her card during the sign-in window is considered as signed-in, and if he/she does the same in the sign-out window is considered as signed-out. In this mode if someone forgets to sign-in/out the in/out time is the session’s start or end as it corresponds.
More info: http://accudemiablog.blogspot.com/2012/01/introducing-new-mdst-mode-for-iaccu.html

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