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iAccu 1.1

Customer Testimonials

"We have been using Accudemia for almost a year and we could not be more pleased.  Accudemia does exactly what it was promised on the front end and is easy and intuitive to use on the administrative side.  I recommend Accudemia to my colleagues all the time.  Thank you for producing a great product."

RJ Rapoza
Project Success, a TRiO Student Support Services program.
Finger Lakes Community College


How many technical contacts can I have?

Please check our support policies: http://www.attendance-tracking.com/accudemia_show.php?s=support-policies

Is there a setting that I need to make in Accudemia to allow me access to iAccu?

Every iAccu that syncs with Accudemia is listed on Sign In Stations> iAccu.
If you synched and you don’t see any device there, please check your router/firewall configuration to assure your outgoing port 2020 is not blocked.

What is SSL encryption and why do I need it?

SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, is a protocol for encrypting information over the internet. SSL encrypts the data traveling between the client’s web browser (e.g. your computer) and the web server (e.g. Accudemia Server). This is a communication security measure that prevents eavesdropping and tampering with the data while it travels over the net.

SSL is used whenever there is a need to protect data. For example, web sites that ask for your credit card information or show your bank or credit card statements typically use SSL. When SSL is used, you will notice two things:

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