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Information for advanced users or system administrators.

How to assign subject areas to centers?

Unfortunately it’s not possible to do it manually if you have hundreds or thousands of subject areas, but you can import those assignments. You just need to create a single file with the following format:

What are the options for importing student enrollment in ADX?

The setting “Overwrite students enrollment” makes the system update the enrollment for the users being imported. To drop the enrollment for all the students, the option “Drop all enrollment for students not being imported.” must also be checked.

Here's what those checks do:

1) If both are NOT checked: the enrollment you import is appended to the one you have in Accudemia. It means that no drops are done at all.

How to copy the tutor's schedule?

Here is How to Copy the Tutor's Schedule

  •  Load the schedule you want to be the source of the copy. To do so, fill in the tutor search box (and change the center, edit mode, or any other filter) and click "Apply".
  • When the schedule has loaded, click on the "Copy" button.
  •  If you're in the semesters edit mode, you'll get the pop-up shown in the image below:

Can you assign/change location when making appointments?

You can make appointments by accessing any of the next screens:

Does the added notes, when making appointments, go in the email remainders?

 You can add notes when making appointments through the Appointments->New by Tutor, Appointments->New by Date, or Appointments->Manual  screens. If you want to edit/delete/add more notes to the appointment you can do so by going to the Appointments->View All screen and selecting an appointment and clicking on Comments.
Comments created by students are visible by tutors and administrators, but comments created by tutors or administrators are not visible by students. The entered notes are sent via e-mail.

How Accudemia works if two different scheduled classes are in the same classroom starting at the same time?

 You can have two different classes in the same classroom at the same time, but we aware that students cannot be registered at two classes at the same time, so when they come to the sign-in station for a classroom that has more than one class at the same time, and they sign-in, they will be automatically signed-in to the class they’re registered.

Can you edit students logs for scheduled classes?

 To edit class attendance please go to Class Attendance->Attendance in the main menu. Then select the class and the session whose attendance you want to edit. You’ll get all the students enrolled to that class, and next to their names you’ll find if they’re marked as present or absent in that session. To edit presence/absence, click on the students you want to edit their attendance and next click on “Mark as Present”, “Mark as Absent” or “Excuse” (if you want to edit or add an excuse for them).

Are ClassID and CRN required and do they need to be unique when importing scheduled classes?

 The CRN (displayed as “Class’s Reg. Number” in ADX) is an unique number that identifies a session/class, even across semesters. It’s not required but it’s very useful, let’s say you know that a student, Jeremy Doyle, when to class 12345. With only that information you know that he was in the Calculus Class, NATA-080-A, given on Spring 2008 at 8am every Tuesday by professor X. If you only know that the student was on class NATA-080-A you actually don’t know who was the professor, in which year it was taken, and so on.

How to customize advanced options for ADX scheduled jobs?

Try to schedule the job without configuring any important option, once it’s saved you can configure it further to workaround that error.

Once the job has been schedule, click Start on Windows and search for Task Scheduler:


In the Task Scheduler, select the “Task Scheduler Library” folder and look for the Accudemia Job:

Is Accudemia allow to set future appointments?

The Appointments Wizard gives you the option of creating appointments in other semester than the current, but you have to enable that possibility by going to the Control Panel-> Appointments-> Select your college as the scope-> Check the Allow creating appointments in future semesters setting.

Besides that, you cannot define two semesters that overlap.

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