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Questions related to the communication methods available.

How to add comments and answer the Referrals?

You have to login to Accudemia to answer the referral as it’s not possible to answer by email.

To do so, after logging in to Accudemia, click Referrals (under Center Attendance) in the menu. Then select the referral to edit and click “Follow Up” in the toolbar:

There you will be able to add comments to the referral. This way all the comments and changes are kept on the system for future reference.

How to send a message to a tutor or a center admin?

The college must have messaging features enabled. Using Accudemia Message System: 1. Click over New Message at down toolbar. 2. Wait for New Message pop up window. 3. Type and select the student to send the message. (This feature can be filtering by Contacts, Classes or view all People) 4. Type de Subject of the message at Subject. 5. Enter your Message into Message 6. Click over Send to send the message.

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