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How to copy the tutor's schedule?

Here is How to Copy the Tutor's Schedule

  •  Load the schedule you want to be the source of the copy. To do so, fill in the tutor search box (and change the center, edit mode, or any other filter) and click "Apply".
  • When the schedule has loaded, click on the "Copy" button.
  •  If you're in the semesters edit mode, you'll get the pop-up shown in the image below:

Can you assign/change location when making appointments?

You can make appointments by accessing any of the next screens:

How do I login as tutor, if I’m also a student?

In order to login as tutor, you need to do the following:

1) Make sure the “Sign In” icon is clicked before you enter the ID:

2) Enter the ID and press enter.

3) Click on “Sign-In as Tutor”:

4) Enter the user password and press enter again.


How do we add an IPod to our Accudemia?

Follow the next steps:
1) First, download iAccu in the iPod or from iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/iaccu/id414711091?mt=8&ls=1
2) Then, open iAccu (the application for iPods and iPhones) and login using your Accudemia credentials. You will see a message saying you have to activate the device.
3) To do so, open Accudemia in a computer, and go to Sign-In Stations -> iAccu, there you can select the device and activate it.
4) Go back to your iPod and click Sync with Accudemia.

Is there a setting that I need to make in Accudemia to allow me access to iAccu?

Every iAccu that syncs with Accudemia is listed on Sign In Stations> iAccu.
If you synched and you don’t see any device there, please check your router/firewall configuration to assure your outgoing port 2020 is not blocked.

How to edit and modify class sessions?

 To do so you must entering to Subject Areas screen. Select the subject to edit. Check the Session History and Advanced Scheduler to add Classes to be able to cancel past sessions and add exceptions for scpecial cases (such as holidays)

How to configure the schedule time slots?

The appointment scheduler is configured  in Control Panel -> Tracking Settings -> General -> Blocks per hour.
You can easily change this value if you want, by accessing the same path I've already told you.

If it is possible for the time at which you are logged out of your Accudemia session to be adjusted?

 In order to adjust the auto log-out duration, you have to go to the Control Panel>Tracking settings>General>Miscellaneous and change the value in
Panel>theMaximum sign-in duration setting.
This can be done by center, this is, one center can have some value set in this setting and other center can have a different value.

Can tutors make an appointment for another tutor?

Tutors cannot make appointments for other tutors. What you can do is add the Appointments Administrator Role to every person you want, because that role enables the user that has it to create appointments for every person he wants.

Is the Class Name column required to tie the students to their classes?

 The class name is not required to tie students to their classes, with the CRN, Semester and Subject Area is enough. However, adding a class name will improve its visualization.

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