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Center Attendance

General questions related to center attendance and tracking options.

Why the waiting line seems to be stuck ?

 That message is displayed because you have enabled the Intake System (Waiting lines) in your center, and the system detected that you’re not signing-in any of the students:

You have to either remove the waiting line or start controlling to prevent that a lot of students get stuck in the waiting line.Please go to:  https://yourcollege.accudemia.net/?fwd=/Private/IntakeSystem/WaitingLines.aspx

If it is possible for the time at which you are logged out of your Accudemia session to be adjusted?

 In order to adjust the auto log-out duration, you have to go to the Control Panel>Tracking settings>General>Miscellaneous and change the value in
Panel>theMaximum sign-in duration setting.
This can be done by center, this is, one center can have some value set in this setting and other center can have a different value.

Are Students able to see the tutoring session comments?

Students will only see their own comments but not the ones that were created by other users as tutors or administrators.

How can I delete a sign-in, so I can re-do it and have it display properly?

 You don’t need to delete the sign-in you have just made. You can edit it.
Please go to Session Logs, in the left menu, and select the session you want to edit. Then you can use the toolbar to either edit or delete the log.

Does your program lock in the subject for that half hour time slot when the first student signs up?

 Yes, there’s an option under Control Panel -> Appointments to lock in the subject; the option will say “Tutor can assist with different subject areas”. By unchecking this option, tutors are allowed to teach only one subject at a time.

Does Accudemia have a room reservation module available?

 No, we don’t have a room module yet in Accudemia. Usually people use services (changing terminology to room) to handle these situations.

How to change the way students sign out from appointments?

If you want students to be automatically signed-out from appointments you must clear the settings "And stays signed in for at least X minutes" in the Control Panel. When that value is not set, then Accudemia will automatically sign-out the student using the appointment's end time.
Otherwise, when the setting mentioned above is set, students have to manually sign out; depending on the time the students are in, Accudemia will consider the session as a show or no-show.

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